About Us

More about The Points, Belfast. In the heart of Belfast on the busy Dublin Road.

The Points Whiskey and Alehouse aims to provide both tourists and locals with a true sense of this city’s diverse culture, housing live folks bands from across the country seven nights a week. Grab a cold pint and share your stories by our large open fire! The Points’ additional upstairs music venue ‘Cow Bay’ houses more live performances and a DJ every Friday and Saturday playing a classic collection of 20th Century Rock. With plans to expand the venue into a larger music hall, we aim to provide a platform and amplify Belfast’s entertainment culture.


Background on The Points.

The Points Whiskey and Alehouse is inspired by the notorious district in New York’s Lower Manhattan known as the ‘Five Points’. Described as the first Slum in America and established in the early 19th Century, this infamous district became home to the first influx of Irish migrants, a melting pot of local criminals and gangs of all types.

In the face of the pressures of their new homeland, the Irish communities across the country banded tightly together. Supporting one another seemed to be the only way to cope with poverty. In New York City, the centre of this Irish Community was a dangerous neighbourhood called the Five Points. At the middle of The Five Points was a tiny park called Paradise Square, which was the scene of countless crimes. This park helped make The Five Points the most notorious slum in all of the United States.

– Paulson, TJ.