Drunken Lullabies

Friday 2nd August
10pm - 12am

Drunken Lullabies are a three-piece band based near Omagh. We formed early in October 2011 and are made up of balladeers Colin O’Kane and Paul Gormley from Omagh, and James
McShane from Dromore.
We use traditional instruments such as banjos, accordion, mandolin, bodhrán, whistles and
guitar along with vocals and harmonies to create an energetic, foot-stomping set blending
originals and classic folk with fast paced instrumentals and covers of songs from all
backgrounds. The wide variety of music styles in our set is easily explained as we each come
from different musical backgrounds. Colin would happily chose a song from the very popular
Mumford and Sons or something from Flogging Molly or The Boss. James would rather try
something by Luke Kelly or The Pogues and Paul would just be at home playing his beloved trad all night. But with the experience of growing up in households soaked in music, we can weave
each of our musical styles together with ease and capability, and although we have their own
flavour, we stay routed to the earthy tones of traditional folk music.
We can easily show our incredible versatility and skills as multi-instrumentalists, playing 8
instruments between us, we bring a rousing acoustic flavour to brand new songs as well as some old favorites. We continue to live up to our reputation as a phenomenal live band, serving up
laughter, good times and even the odd sing along.