Joe Kenny

Saturday 10th August
7pm - 9pm

Joe Kenny is a singer, multi-instrumentalist and song writer hailing from Co. Armagh in Ireland.
A live performer for over 20 years, Joe has played to crowds in venues throughout Ireland, England, Scotland and Wales.
Armed with a love of Irish Folk music and a scintillating set of songs, Joe wows his audiences with a unique guitar playing style and an uncompromising delivery that is sure to reintroduce some well-loved songs to your ears.

Joe says,
“When you sing a song, you should mean it or at least, be good at sounding like you do. From a young age, I remember being awe-struck at how an artist or singer could tell a story or create an experience with music and words.” That fascination has never really left me even if I have grown older and probably far too cynical.”

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