Friday 25th October
5pm - 7pm

MICKO is a solo folk musician from Co.Tyrone. More commonly seen performing with his band The Hootin’ Annies, we are excited to see solo his solo show on our stage. Drawing influences from bands and artists such as The Dubliner, The Fureys, Glen Hansard and Foy Vance MICKO is sure to have material to please all listeners! A great night of song is to be expected!

MICKO – Raglan Road

I put up a small clip of myself singing this song at a gig a while ago and have been asked to play it a few times since, so I decided to go ahead and record it. Big thanks to my brothers Andrew Masterson and Darragh Tracey for giving up their free time to help me with this, and the ever reliable Steve at Outland Studios for recording. Raglan Road has been one of my favourite songs ever since I first heard Luke Kelly tell of how he was gifted the privilege of recording the song by it's lyricist, the poet Patrick Kavanagh himself, in The Bailey in Dublin. After explaining how it came to pass, he bursts into song in his unique rasp with his five string banjo plucking freely in the background, and in doing so created one of the few pieces of music that can stun a room to silence with the perfect blend of melody, tone, passion and a story of love and love lost. I'd had doubts about covering a song so well perfected by one of my idols, and I hope I haven't offended any die-hard Luke Kelly fans, but I thought I'd record it in the hope that my version could stir some form of emotion in someone the way Luke's does in me every time I hear it. Hopefully if enough people enjoy it I'll whack it up on iTunes and Spotify and the lads. Hope y'all enjoy, Mick.

Posted by MICKO on Tuesday, 15 August 2017